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Welcome To Testimony Publishers, LLC.
You are a survivor, an overcomer, and a thought-leader!
You're ready to tell your story...
And share your message!

That's why it's our goal to provide you with unique opportunities to compose works that
encourage, motivate, empower, and inspire.

NON-TRADITIONAL...that's us!

DONE-WITH-YOU services with a DONE-FOR-YOU feel...that's what you get! 

Like our tagline exclaims, HERstory. HISstory. OURstory is YOURstory™,
we believe in your story.
And it's your story that's going to enable you to connect with those
who need to hear your message the most. 

That's why we're helping you rewrite the rules & best practices for book publishing by offering you CUSTOM PLANNING, PUBLISHING, AND PROMOTIONAL SOLUTIONS that enable YOU to express your craft in its highest form...
Share your testimony with the world...
Serve your readers and clients using automated promotion and sales systems...
And leverage your book to open doors that you'd only imagined!
over 39,000 book retailers
& Many More!!!
You’ll work 1-on-1 with your publishing consultant to customize your publishing goals, and identify the appropriate services for YOU. Our services include planning and writing your manuscript, editing, publishing, and promoting it (even if you already have a rough draft manuscript). ALL OF THIS (including opportunities to pre-sell your book) will be addressed during your Author Consultation & Strategy Session.
 This phase of the publishing process includes the professional review & copyediting of your manuscript. Afterwards, your manuscript will be returned to you for final approval. Next, each page of your manuscript will be formatted and an appropriate (and attractive) typeset will be selected for your book. If your book includes color or black & white illustrations & images, they’ll also be formatted appropriately. We'll create an eye-catching cover for your book, including the design for its spine. Your book will be formatted as a traditional print book AND an eBook. We'll also submit your book for copyright registration, assign it an ISBN and UPC Barcode.
When your book is complete, we'll research and develop a promotion campaign, tailored specifically for your book, in this phase of the publishing process. We’ll craft a press release; announcing the publication of your new book. We’ll use our specialized research and identification system to target media outlets on the local and national levels that have an interest in your book. Your press release will be distributed over the internet, television, radio, magazines, & newspapers. You’ll have the option to include a Social Media Marketing Campaign or a Targeted Promotional Campaign as part of your package.
Testimony Publishers, LLC. has a contract with the world’s largest wholesale book distributor with over 39,000 retailers, libraries, distributors, and educational institutions worldwide. We’ll make sure your book is made available at the places where people buy books. Like (the largest book store in the world), Barnes & Noble, Rakuten, Kobo, and thousands of other retailers. Your book will also be available with the industry leaders in book distribution, like Ingram (Baker & Taylor).
This is our final phase of the publishing process. When someone buys a copy of your book from online book retailers or brick-and-mortar companies and institutions, we’ll handle book fulfillment; payment collection, payment processing, and book shipments. And when you purchase your book from us, you'll receive the wholesale discount (and direct shipment to your doorstep).
You're Going To Want To Apply To Work With
Christina M. Johnson & Testimony Publishers, LLC.! 

  • A TRUE PARTNERSHIP: We partner with YOU...Women who are victorious & virtuous and men who are determined & dedicated (Mompreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Self-Help & Transformation coaches, Health & Wellness Practitioners, Life coaches, and other healing professionals in the medical and non-traditional medicines fields) who want to write books that make a difference.
  • NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY: Many publishing companies focus on book sales and revenue for the publisher. We are so passionate about working with YOU because we believe that you truly want to use your book to transform lives & start or scale your life-changing business.
  • VERY FEW AUTHORS ARE CHOSEN: We are very selective about who we choose to work with because we are looking for those who are willing to do what it takes to get their book in the hands of people who they can help. Our authors are servant leaders who have a genuine concern for their craft and a sincere love for their readers.
  • WE WILL PUBLISH YOUR EBOOK FOR FREE: We are so passionate about the service we offer and the life-changing books that we provide to the market that we publish our author's first eBook. So, when our authors present it to their advanced readers, they only need to be concerned about serving their readers through their writing (and not the financial costs of publishing an eBook to test the market & get feedback or reviews).
  • YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: If you’re ready to do everything it takes to transform yourself (and your readers) and invest in yourself so you’ll have the professional help and support you need to impact thousands of people, click the link below and complete the application.
Christina met my expectations, then exceeded them! She has a way of helping you as an author to help you navigate different parts that it takes to create a workbook.
"Testimony Publisher's LLC was very instrumental in helping me launch my new Workbook for Red Alert Is He The one, Pocketguide to finding the Love of Your Life!! Christina is amazing with her insight and the magnitude of assistance she provides is like none other. Thank you Testimony Publisher, LLC for helping with one more stepping block towards my success!!!"
 - Tanya H., Engineer & Real Estate Investor
Before partnering with Testimony Publishers,
I worked with other publishing companies and Testimony Publishers' services surpassed them all.
"Their communication was excellent! All of my concerns were addressed promptly and it made me feel good to know that I was an important part of the publishing process. Mrs. Johnson also assisted me by increasing my earning potential and by assisting me in my ability to earn passive income. I highly recommend other doctors, health and wellness professionals, and anyone to work with Mrs. Johnson and use Testimony Publishers because they are passionate about helping you bring YOUR vision to life. "
- Dr. Tiffany B., CEO & Chiropractic Practice Manager
I don’t endorse many people...unless I KNOW the quality and integrity of their character and their work .
"Christina Johnson is truly gifted at her craft and her level of professionalism is certainly impressive. She’s offering an incredible product which I know many of you will benefit...."
- Regina G., Business Strategist
I Requested To Work With Testimony Publishers For Several Months, But Because Of The Needs Of My Book Project, Mrs. Johnson Wanted Me To Wait Until I Was Fully Committed To Investing My Time & Resources Into a Full-Service Transformation Book & Coaching Service.
Her advice proved invaluable because instead of waiting, I went with another publisher & they made a HUGE mistake in the formatting and publishing of my book. But, when I came to her (Mrs. Johnson), she never said, "I told you so," or made me feel like I totally messed up. She worked one-on-one with me and walked me through each phase of the process & every page of my book. I can't thank her (& her team) enough for everything that they did for me. The time that they put into me and my book made me feel like I was the only author that they were working with. And take it from me, I am not used to listening to others, I'm used to teaching. But when it came to them, every time they spoke to me, it was meaningful (and I would be a fool not to listen because every suggestion & requirement served a purpose that served my best interest & the best interest of my readers).
- Veronica J., Author & Student Of Hebrew and Messianic Teachings
Speaking With Mrs. Johnson was invigorating...eye-opening, and a wealth of knowledge.
The strategy session I received was educational and well put together. Her company would streamline everything.... She broke it down with great enthusiasm, and such honesty. It shows her discipline with what God has called her to do...I was so inspired by her compassion, and innovative ideals and concepts, for creating and designing my book. The strategic plans that were discussed, were a revolutionary & fresh approach.
- Wanda B., Soon-To-Be Author
She was very encouraging and helpful...showing what I needed to get done. She understood what I was looking to do.
I had a session with Christina and it was really great! It gave me perspective...the beginning of where I could actually do something with my coaching business. If you're looking for a great person to help you.... Christina would be a great place to start. I was really encouraged at the end of our session!
- Stephanie C., Doctor of Theology & Author
Don't wait another moment...
Now is YOUR Time and today is YOUR day!
Let us help YOU write the right book and make a difference in the lives of your readers.

Whether YOU want to complete YOUR manuscript in as little as 30 days, OR
Start your business endeavors by publishing your book, OR
Promote your book to the readers who'd benefit from it the most...

Whether you're a new author & haven't published a book yet, OR
You're a published author that wants to sell more books, OR
You want to use your book to generate leads & promote your brand,
product, service, or event...

Let us help you take the overwhelm out of writing and publishing your book.
Apply to become one of the few authors who are chosen to partner with
Testimony Publishers, LLC and get ready to make an impact in someone's life--
Christina M. Johnson
Author, Publishing Consultant, Author Coach, Certified Coach/Trainer, & Lover of Life
Christina M. Johnson completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (with a concentration in Chemistry and Secondary Education) and received her instructional reading training from Johns Hopkins University. After living in Petach Tikvah (Petah Tikva), Israel, she returned to the United States of America with a desire to educate, assisting several school administrations develop curricula specifically for youth, young adults, and at-risk communities. Incorporating her studies in science and research, along with her coursework in education, reading, and curriculum development, she has a passion to explain the biological and physiological processes involved in the renewing of the human mind, its connection to the human spirit, and its translation into the physical manifestation of one's mission and goals.

And with over two decades as a published author and mompreneur, Christina M. Johnson uses her academic studies, life experiences, and background in science and research to develop the transformation methods you need to plan, publish, and profit from your life-changing book. In addition to being an accomplished collegiate track and field champion who has discovered new ways to approach overall wellness, she is an author, certified trainer, and publishing consultant who is fueled by faith, family, & fun! She has been an author for over two decades and has written and produced scientific articles, curricula, original short stories, stage plays, original songs, and books.


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How Do I Afford The Financial Investment?
When you are selected to work with Testimony Publishers, you understand that you can't afford NOT to make an investment in yourself & your work. You are on a mission to do more than check an item off of your bucket list. If you truly want to achieve an amazing ROI, we'll work with you to focus your attention and efforts on why it's necessary to write the right book and publish it now. The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll get your book into the hands of the readers who need it. And that's what truly matters!
How Do I Get My Return On Investment (R.O.I.)?
Getting your return on investment depends on how you plan to use your book. We are firm believers that selling your book using traditional means is the worst way to make money from your book. We believe that authors should use their book as a marketing tool, an authority builder, and as a means to "open doors." For example, you wouldn't walk up to someone you just met and say, "Hi, buy my book!" You would, on the other hand, introduce yourself, have a conversation that might include information that you share in your book, and exchange business cards, email addresses, or phone numbers. The same thing applies in the case of an author who writes a book. The more books you get into people's hands, the more profitable opportunities will occur. So, if your book is priced at $10 and you sell 10 books, you will make $100. However, if you give 10 of your books away to potential clients or customers interested in your coaching program or consulting service, and one of those people invest in your $1000 program or service, you gain 10 email addresses & $1000. Of course, this is just an example and we aren't promising you 10 email addresses and $1,000. But we believe that type of return on investment is most-beneficial to everyone. One of our books, Faith That Conquers, sells less than 75 copies per month but attracts clients willing to invest in the author's consulting program. Even though selling 75 books per month is more than most Amazon best-selling authors sell per month, the more important matter is that the book is generating income, growing the author's email list, and has gotten the author booked to speak on several local & national platforms. Finally, if your're concerned about your return on investment, the question should really be, "How can I leverage my book to acquire more clients, get speaking gigs, sell my products and services, launch an online business, build my email list, or gain more visibility?" Click here for more details about Our Services & Your Investment.
What's In It For Me (The Author)?
Our clients gain a sense of satisfaction from knowing that their mission, goals, & (for many) dreams of writing & publishing a book have come true. Few people get to experience the accomplishment of a professionally-published book that truly makes a difference in the lives of readers. Also, authorship builds credibility and opens doors to other profitable opportunities. Writing the right book can lead to the broadening of the author's network, the building of new relationships, & the increase in profitable opportunities. The tangible benefits of being an author aren't limited to book sales, either! You can also use your book for lead generation. With a well-executed book launch, promotion, & marketing, your book can pay for itself and get you a nice return on investment. And don't rule out bestseller status or media attention; truly awesome possibilities for every author! When a book is published, an author also leaves a lasting legacy that will transcend time and space. There a many benefits to becoming a published author, and our clients don't have to be convinced.
How Is Testimony Publishers, LLC. Different From Self-Publishing And Traditional Publishing?
We are rewriting the rules and best practices for book publishing because you get the best of both worlds. Like a Self-Published Author, you'll ALWAYS own the rights to your manuscript, published book, & copyright. Your input will be happily accepted & you'll earn more royalties per book. Like a Traditionally-Published Author, you'll have access to a professional team that will guide you through the publishing process. You'll have access to the same distribution channels & fulfillment services that are afforded to traditionally-published authors; over 39,000 book retailers & over 50 online book retailers. However, with Testimony Publishers, you have even MORE OPTIONS! We can assist you with the launch of your online business, or scale your existing business using your published book. You no longer have to get signed with an agent or surrender all your rights to a publishing company. You no longer have to publish your book by your self and take a chance on producing a poor quality book. You no longer have to become a marketing expert, write your own copy or press release, or set-up your own sales funnel. We can handle everything for you!
What If I Already Have Portions Of My Book Written Or I Have So Many Ideas That I Don't Know Where To Start?
We love clients who are enthusiastic and willing to give everything to make their publishing endeavor successful. We like to help our authors start at the very beginning because it ensures that we present the "big picture," regarding what the book is about, who the book is for, and how to build the proper relationship with the author's audience. We'll help you find the "golden nugget" surrounded by all the shiny objects of your pre-written material. We'll work together to ensure that the benefits, for you and your readers, are clear and achievable. We'll also determine three things: 1) is there a demand for your topic, 2) can you add value to the market & 3) can we help you by providing exceptional service. If we can say, "Yes," to all three, we'll move forward on an exciting publishing journey!
What Can I Expect When I Invest In Your Publishing Service?
To Start, you'll set-up your Author Branding Session & Accelerator Call. During this communication, we'll inform you of every phase of the publishing process & guide you step-by-step through each phase. We'll also cover your concept & positioning, your mission & message development, and your niche selection. Next, you'll receive personalized author coaching & assistance. In addition to monthly accountability consultations (via phone or Zoom), you'll receive bi-weekly updates by email informing you of your book's progress. You'll have every opportunity to ask questions & address any concerns about the publication of your book. You'll also receive a professional manuscript evaluation & constructive critique. After your title & subtitle evaluation, your manuscript will be copyedited and proofread for inaccuracies & inconsistencies, grammar errors, spelling errors, & more. Your professionally-published book will receive the utmost attention for your cover, formatting, image & graphics insertion, copyright registration, & ISBN/barcode assignments. And, finally, you can rest-easy knowing that your book will be printed-on-demand (so, no need to store boxes of your books), and globally-distributed to over 39,000 offline book retailers & over 50 online book retailers. And when you publish with us, you'll receive both formats of your published book (eBook & printed), & assistance with your author bio, book blurb, & your book one sheet. Click here for more details about Our Services & Your Investment.
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